Obstetric Services

obstetricsDr. Weitzner takes great pride in guiding obstetrical patients through all stages of pregnancy, from prenatal care to delivery, whether vaginally, as is usually the case, or by cesarean section, if necessary.

University Obstetrics & Gynecology offers the following obstetric services:

Educational Resources

The following are a number of obstetric-related resources for your reference. These links are provided for your convenience:

  • Preparing for a New Baby – Learn how to properly prepare for the arrival of your blessing.
  • Exercise During Pregnancy – Staying active and physically fit during your pregnancy can…
  • How to Tell When Labor Begins – Learn to recognize sure signs that you are about to embark on your labor of love.
  • Cesarean Birth – Certain circumstances may dictate alternative delivery methods. Learn why a Cesarean delivery can reduce risk to both mother and baby.
  • Postpartum Depression – Postpartum depression is a real condition that some women experience. Learn the causes, symptoms and treatments to help you manage this unwanted condition should it impact you.